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Free Marketing As You Help The Environment

June 8, 2009

     Marketing You Cannot Buy

Each and every day people are reducing their consumption of use and toss items. Reusable bags enable people to reduce, reuse and save.

There are many truly sustainable materials that are being used in place of the traditional  plastic grocery bag. It is very important to reuse bags to create less pollution and using less of our non-renewable resources.

So consider the value added benefit of free long term advertising on reusable grocery bags that people are using in many different stores. I for one use an assortment of reusable grocery bags at a number of different stores that I frequent. I have a very large American Express/ Costco insulated reusable bag, a few Whole Foods reusable bags, some Laguna Niguel City bags and about a dozen generic colorful reusable bags. All of the bags that I mentioned were sent to me as a promotion, given to me at a new store opening, handed out at a holiday parade and last but not least presented during the holidays by a corporation wanting to play a part in being “Green”.

I use these bags at Costco, Target, Pavillions, Vons, Ralphs, Albertsons, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and more stores in my area. People always comment on the different bags, especially when they have a unique quality like the insulated AE/Costco reusable bag, or the colorful Whole Foods bag.

This is a terrific idea as a MUST giveaway of a sustainable product that will continue to advertise for your store for months and years to come. It is an inexpensive, yet ecological alternative to a traditional print ad.

Recently Whole Foods Market reported that More Shoppers Bring Their Own Bags.   “Whole Foods Market® Estimates Reusable Bag Use Has Tripled Since Last Year; 150 Million Plastic Bags Have Been Kept out of Landfills and our Environment Since Company Banned Plastic Grocery Bags Last Earth Day"

"AUSTIN, Texas (April 6, 2009) - One year after Whole Foods Market (NASDAQ: WFMI) became the first U.S. supermarket to eliminate disposable plastic grocery bags at all of its store checkouts, the Company announces that it has seen the amount of reusable bag use triple and that the natural and organic grocer has kept an estimated 150 million plastic bags out of landfills since last Earth Day.”

“Shoppers have been inspired to make a positive environmental change and have really incorporated the reusable bag mindset into their daily lives.”

In an effort to help protect the environment and conserve resources, Whole Foods Market decided last Earth Day to eliminate plastic bags, a move that aimed to protect nature and wildlife and reduce litter by encouraging customers to bring reusable bags when they shop for groceries.

“During Ocean Conservancy’s 2008 International Coastal Cleanup, 1.4 million plastic bags were found littering our oceans, lakes and rivers,” said Dianne Sherman, Director of the International Coastal Cleanup. “Trash travels. Even if we live thousands of miles inland, our actions have a profound effect on the ocean. A bag can blow from a picnic table, wash down a storm drain into a river and wind up harming or killing a sea turtles, birds or other marine life. Trash is one of the most pervasive - but solvable — pollution problems facing our oceans and waterways. Whole Foods Market and their customers are demonstrating how simple lifestyle changes can make a sea change.”

Trader Joes
sells their tropically inspired reusable bags at the check out counters.

This is a new trend that is going to become the norm for customers to bring their own reusable bags to carry their purchases.

Now you can participate in this latest trend and you can benefit at the same time. Free publicity and free advertising. Consider partnering with one of your casual furniture manufacturers to create a unique, value added reusable grocery bag that you can give out to your customers and they in turn can silently promote your store and products.

Wouldn’t you use these reusable bags? Write a comment and let me know your thoughts.

These are my outside views… Marcia Blake