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Staycations In Your Backyard!

July 31, 2008

Double Chaise

This morning on the Today show the topic of staycations was promoted once again and showed how a family can enjoy their backyard. My ears perked up when they were describing the comforts of home inside a camping tent, which included throw pillows. My love of accessories and throw pillows in particular caused me to stop what I was doing and pay more attention to the segment on staycations.

This subject is becoming increasingly popular with the high rising price of gas and the troublesome economy. But staying at home does not need to be a negative connotation for the casual furniture retailer, in fact this is an opportunity!  You may need to be creative in your displays, promotions or advertisements but certainly this is a great idea for you to consider.

Instead of promoting a camping tent in the backyard, suggest to the consumer that they camp out under the stars on a double chaise with a warm, soft cuddly weather resistant throw blanket

OC Throw Blanket

and some throw pillows for comfort in lieu of a bed pillow. The best part of utilizing these items for sleeping under the stars is that they are a wonderful addition to the backyard and can be enjoyed in daylight, twilight or sundown.

OW Lee Double Chaise

Set up a display with hot chocolate and smores, a throw blanket and throw pillow. Encourage the use of outdoor furniture in new ways that your customer can enjoy at all times of the day and night.

Encourage Staycations, everyone else is so why not you?

These are my outside views… write a comment and tell me what  you are doing to promote staycations. Marcia Blake