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How to Cool Down in the Heat of Summer

June 25, 2009

                       RapidCool Misting System

If you are sweltering in the heat consider installing an outdoor ceiling fan. According to Hansen Wholesale, “There are 2 basic types of outdoor ceiling fans. Those that are UL listed and approved for use in Wet Locations and those that are rated for Damp Locations.

Damp rated fans must be able to handle damp locations such as under a covered porch, patio, or for an indoor swimming pool. Damp rated outdoor fans cannot be installed where they will be directly hit by rain. Wet rated outdoor ceiling fans can be installed in uncovered areas with direct exposure to rain such as in a gazebo or uncovered patio.”

For Wet Locations there are many choices, this one is called the Ellington Pineapple Fan.

       Ellington Pineapple Ceiling Fan

If  you prefer a more modern look and have a damp location try this fan called the Modern Fan Pharos

        Modern Fan Pharos Ceiling Fan

Another option to cool you down on your patio is an outdoor misting system. RapidCool Misting System says, ”Your patio with a mist cooling system can reduce the temperature as much as 30 degrees! The evaporation process absorbs the heat and lowers the temperature. High water pressure breaks down the water molecule through atomization so fine that it ensures the flash evaporation. You can stay dry and get cool.”

So if you enjoy spending time outdoors, but you don’t enjoy the heat of the summer, you can add a ceiling fan or misting system and regain your outdoor living space.

If you have other solutions to the heat write a comment below.

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