California Patio to Host ASID Meeting as Spring Arrives

February 25, 2009

Thinking outside of the box like local retailer California Patio who is planning on hosting the March ASID meeting. This event will give designers the opportunity to see and touch patio furniture and accessories in the showroom just in time for the spring weather to begin to shine. The staff will be presenting their designer program and encouraging the designers to partner with them on their outdoor living projects.

This is a great opportunity for both the designers, the dealers and the manufacturers. OW Lee a local patio furniture and accessory manufacturer is the sponsor of this event. Once again innovative ideas are combined with solid marketing programs supported by the local dealers and manufacturers.

Take a cue from California Patio and OW Lee then contact some of the manufacturers that you represent to team together to promote business through this lucrative arm of the designer world.

ASID is a nationwide association that you can contact to inquire about hosting an event. As the event nears I will give you more insight into the benefits of thinking outside the box.

If you have any questions click on the comment section and I will happily answer them.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake