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What Is The Most Common Color for Outdoor Living?

September 9, 2008

How Color Trends Can Help You Pick Color For Your Showroom

Calcutta II Collection by Brown Jordan

The most prominent color in the casual living marketplace today and in recent history is found in the neutral family. These colors are classic, balanced, natural, dependable, organic, neutral, and approachable yet comfortable. They consist of Brown, Tan, Taupe, Ivory, Cream, White, Black, Gray, and Silver. 

Lloyd Flander’s Princeton Collection

Some of these colors are warm neutrals that create a feeling of security, hopefulness, reliability, and a welcoming reassurance of comfort. Other neutrals are considered cool, lending an air of simple purity and minimal modern delicate timelessness. Take for example a neutral White, this is a cool neutral that exudes airy, heavenly, cleanliness, clarity and deliberative coolness.  While a neutral Black sends the message I am powerful, formal, cosmopolitan, authoritative and classic. You will find Gray is a utilitarian corporate color that shows experience, with a touch of mystery. And finally Silver is avant-garde and sleek, detached, immaculate color that adds a bit of old world elegance.

These are the safest most comfortable choices that you can pick for your showroom. The best part is that they can be accessorized with a splash of color, which can be changed for each individual customer.

Monterra Collection by OW Lee

You should always have this staple color represented on the floor of your showroom.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake