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July 9, 2008

Today the halls will be bustling with dealers, buyers, designers and manufacturers walking talking and previewing the latest products for the 2009 Casual Furniture Market.


Take notice of the showrooms that set themselves apart in some special way. Anything that you see at market can be reproduced in your store or home to create the perfect outdoor environment.


Look for innovative and creative applications of color, texture and style. See how vignettes are being accessorized. Are you mirroring these same presentations in your store or outdoor setting? If not… then why not try something new when you go back home?


A simple way to highlight a collection of outdoor furniture is by choosing one of the accent colors in the fabric and bringing attention to this color by adding coordinating accessories. If there is no accent color present in the fabric or sling material then you have a complete color palette to choose from to add an accent color. The coordinating accessories can be the addition of throw pillows, a throw blanket, a table runner, outdoor drapes, candles, dishes, napkins, glasses, pots, plants, or a piece of art.

Savvy marketers know that color sells. So don’t be afraid to choose color and to use color in your showroom. You can create a lifestyle setting with the right furnishings that is vibrant and energizing or soft and soothing.


Indoor and outdoor spaces are flowing into one another naturally, so consider the latest trends in indoor furnishing when choosing the counterparts for the outdoors. Consumers want to be in style, follow trends yet reflect their own personal style. So see which manufacturer is offering you the opportunity to provide this to your customer.


Style can be classic, cutting edge, festive, innovative or simple and will always be exclusively yours if you take the time to add your own touch. If you don’t feel that you have the ability or creativity to produce your own style then look to the manufacturer for help. Either in the way they are presenting their collections or by utilizing the talent that they provide in their sales reps, marketing associates or designers. Sometimes the best complement you can give is to mimic someone else in the way that they present their product.


Sharing ideas will help our industry grow and thrive, so ask what other dealers are doing to promote products, sales, and the outdoor lifestyle.


If you see me walking in the halls or in a showroom, please stop and say hello. I will always be happy to share my outside views with you…Marcia Blake

In addition to the permanent casual furniture showrooms that you are familiar with such as OW Lee, Tropitone, Brown Jordan, Telescope, Cast Classics, Kingsley Bate, Mallin, and Sun Coast on the 17th floor,  you will find more than 40 permanent casual showrooms on floors 15–17. Also, be sure to discover all of the temporary exhibitors on floors 7 and 8 of Market Suites.

Here are some of the changes to market this year…


Ancient Mosiac Studios/Piage & Pieta Art Stone | Suite 15-116
Ebel, Inc. | Suite 15-121
Laneventure | Suite 1544
Jardin De Ville | Suite 1553
Summer Classics | Suite 1556
Veneman Collections | Suite 15-120


Gensun | Suite 16-116
ScanCom North America | Suite 1646


BJI Alliance | Suite 1791
Classic Elements | Suite 1744
Hanamint Corporation | Suite 17-102
Meadowcraft | Suite 1747
Outdoor Lifestyle, Inc. | Suite 1789
Pride Family Brands | Suite 1754
South Sea Rattan Collection | Suite 1785
Ratana Trading Company/Ratana Home & Floral | Suite 1777
Three Birds Casual | Suite 1783