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Natural Accessories For The Outdoor Table

April 18, 2008

    An easy way to bring the garden to your table is to accessorize the tabletop with potted plants. Using small terra cotta pots, plant succulents or rosemary plants then line the center of the table or place one in front of each place setting. Another idea would be to utilize several different size pots or colored pots for the plants, then position the plants on the corners and center of the table.

    If you happen to grow rosemary or other herbs in your garden try cutting some shoots off of the plant, let them dry out a bit, wrap them with a piece of natural raffia and place diagonally across the table in a couple of different places. Another good use of these dried herbs is to use a sprig to tie up the cloth napkin and place next to the plate or on top of the plate.

        Bringing natural elements to your tabletop setting is a refreshing way to set the table for your entertaining. Take a stroll through your garden or landscaping to see what other treasures are available for you to use. Perhaps you have fruit trees or vegetables that can be a source of accessories for you to use. Creating centerpieces or laying the fruit strategically around the table is colorful and appealing.

        This is an inexpensive yet elegant way to have your table feel natural to the outdoors. Use these ideas to set your display or to make suggestions to your customers on how they can entertain with nature. Consider printing out a flier with ideas on entertaining outdoors, include your store logo and information. This is a great way to stay in front of your customer. What better way to promote your business than by offering free advice to help people entertain?

        These are my outside views, what are yours?
        Marcia Blake