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Movable Awnings Make Shade Adjustable

July 13, 2009

           Backyardcity Awnings

There are many things that my husband and I evaluate when we are purchasing a new home, one is the location, another is the view and an important consideration is the exposure. Outdoor Living is essential to our lives, so the exposure will affect our ability to spend time outside. When the front of a home faces east, the back naturally faces west. Having a western exposure has its positive and negative aspects. Watching the colors in the sky change as the sun sets is a beautiful benefit, while the late afternoon sun and heat can be a disadvantage on a hot summer day.

The addition of awnings over westward facing windows add flair as well as protection. There are so many colors of awning grade Sunbrella® fabric that can accent or blend with the decor. Awning hardware can be Old World and Tuscan inspired or sleek and modern. A motorized awning sits idle up against the building or home and will transform the space when it is fully extended.

   Backyardcity Awning
Even the eastern exposure will need protection from the early morning sun for a few hours. Adjustable awnings are the perfect solution for this space. When needed the awning can be extended and when the sun has moved over the house and shade is no longer necessary the awning can be placed back in its resting position.


        Tuscan Old World Style Awning

Just as a tilting umbrella or a pop up structure provide shade as the sun moves around the earth, awnings furnish cover in appropriate places, they create outdoor living rooms that are sheltered from direct sunlight. Al fresco living is energizing to the body and soul just as the sun supplies much needed sustenance to plants and fauna in our environment.

Now homes with less desirable exposures can become more appealing with a Sunbrella awning. Add value to a home or even a commercial setting as you add design, color and useful protection from the elements.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake