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Easter Weekend Celebrations

March 21, 2008

During this Easter weekend celebration the outdoors moves indoors with the addition of the white Easter lily to our décor. This flowering plant has gained the distinction of this holiday. Some other traditions help us move the indoors out this time of the year.

     This weekend different customs will be performed all over the world. Some of the traditions are observed through our individual religious beliefs and some of the customs are recognition of spring. In the United States, many Sunrise Services are held outside, there is also the traditional Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn and many Easter Parades around the country, these are examples of additional celebrations.

    In Mexico, children smash colorful Easter eggs filled with confetti on each other’s heads, in Bulgaria, instead of hiding eggs they have egg fights and on Easter Monday in England one unique custom is the practice that consists of a "hare pie scramble" and "bottle kicking contest".

    No matter, what your own customs might be during this time of the year, it is always special when you can open your heart to the joys of the season. A garden is a very special place where you can see the seeds of what will prevail. So consider bringing the fruits of the garden inside and enjoy the wonderful white Easter lilies scattered around your home, or have fun bringing a bit of the inside out by decorating Easter eggs and enjoying a roll on your own lawn.

These are my Outside Views, write a comment and let me know all about your Easter customs?

Happy Easter!

Marcia Blake