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Olympic Color & How it Translates to the Sales Floor

August 15, 2008

Olympic Color and How it Translates to the Showroom

The Olympic colors are front and center in our lives, rich with meaning and loaded with feeling. The most prominent color at the Beijing Olympics is red. According to the Beijing travel guide, “Red is the most famous color in China. Red lanterns, red weddings, and red palatial walls (just look at the Forbidden City) illustrate that red colors all aspects of the lives of Chinese in Beijing. Not only is red the most prominent color of the official Olympic Emblem, "Dancing Beijing," but red is also the color of Beijing and China, as the red flag of China demonstrates. (Red is also the color of Communism, and this is another reason for the color of the PRC flag.) Red symbolizes everything good: happiness, joyousness, and good luck. Almost all festival and celebrations will contain something red. For example, during the massive Chinese New Year celebration, families will give their children small red envelops filled with money as good luck gifts for the year.”

Colors found in the Olympic rings are green which represents the harmony between nature and man, this is a symbol of hope and new beginnings as well as life. Nobility has played a historic role in China and is illustrated by the color yellow. This brings to mind dignity, maturity and characteristics of possessing keen perception and sound judgment associated with the color Gray. Blue evokes creativity as well as China’s history, while White is a symbol of luck.

So how does this translate to your showroom? Well, it is important to understand the meaning of color in your displays. The senses that these colors are associated with are very important to your sales. Which feelings are going to encourage your customer to purchase a patio set? What color will persuade an individual to trust you and your staff? The difficulty here lies in the fact that each of us are individuals and therefore we feel and sense color in our own way. This is why it is important to try to represent many color palettes in your showroom, so that you can speak to all of your distinct customers.

Try using the trust me Blue color in a display just as you will see in the upcoming election that the candidates will be sporting blue ties. Blue also reminds us of the sky and water, which will be a prominent color in all areas of décor this season.

Consider man made materials when setting up a vignette with green in mind. Everyone wants to wear and have things that are green regardless of the actual color. Nature, ecology and sustainability are all important factors when choosing the products that you will sell to your customers.

Each day when you turn on the television to watch the Olympics and support the American athletes you are also getting a glimpse of the Chinese culture, as well as, other countries around the globe. Globalism will inspire fashion trends especially within the accent colors. When setting up your showroom use these ethnic accents such as Chinese or Moroccan red, use some glowing orange of India, rosy pinks from Latin America, golden yellows of Australia & the Olympic flame or Tunisian Turquoise to add punch to the neutral colors  in the furniture. The rich browns in the frames of a deep seating arrangement or dining selection will pair nicely with these global colors. Off white, sandy linen, natural environmental tones don’t have to stand alone any longer. Utilize these hot color trends on your showroom floor, then stand back and see how they inspire thoughts and feelings of another time and place and lead to good consumer appreciation.

These are my outside views….what colors do you celebrate in your showroom? Marcia