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Innovative Design That’s Ready To Explode

August 13, 2007

Hi I’m Marcia Blake, Designer for OW Lee and Founder of Outdoor Interiors. I am so excited about the recent launch of OW Lee’s Outdoor Couture™ by Marcia Blake, I couldn’t wait to share it with you. OW Lee has just raised the bar and taken their business to a whole new level. At the West Coast Casual Furniture Pre-Market in July, the utilization of an all-inclusive display, vignette creations and amazing color palettes, took the guesswork out of design.

Designers were so impressed because they have known all along how they like to create outdoor spaces and respect OW Lee for taking the lead. The dealers are thrilled with the new concept - a comprehensive product line with amazing design elements helps the consumers customize the look and feel of their space, while increasing profits.

This is my very first Blog… so tell me your thoughts on this new concept?