Opportunity & Optimism Outdoors

April 8, 2009

During this time of challenge we are all moving towards opportunity and optimism to help brighten the way. Dazzling colors like bright blues, canary yellow, redrock red and glittery metallics like copper, silver and brass are blending with traditional safe neutrals to encourage and cheer up the outdoor setting.

Expand Your Living Space

Indoor comfort and style beautifully blend with weather resistant materials to expand the home, enhance its appeal and to bring bold brilliant color to your backyard with the addition of a soft rug, plush pillows, romantic drapes or a cozy throw. It is easy to create an exotic retreat with animal prints or ikat fabrics, or to design the luxury of a resort just outside the doors. This transformation will help to re-energize you after a stressful day or challenging week. Vacation in your own backyard, there is no need to pay for an expensive stay at a luxury resort when you can create the same type of setting at your own home. Add value to your existing property, especially now when the market price has decreased, by adding usable square footage to your current space.

Preserve the Environment

With our renewed awareness of nature and our desire to protect and preserve the environment we are trending towards colors that water and earth inspire like the blue green of the ocean and the orange red of red rock formations, browns remind us of nutrient enriched soil that assist plants and vegetables to grow and green implies organic eco-friendly living plants.

Create A Sanctuary Outside

Place chaise lounges by the side of the pool, cover with soothing blue greens for a relaxing afternoon enjoying the sunshine, blue sky and cool water. Surround the pool with metallic planters filled with lush plants. Add a colorful umbrella for some protection from the suns rays, and some outdoor speakers so you can spend your time unwinding and listening to your favorite music.

Add Warmth Outside

In another area of the yard, consider building a stone fireplace with space for deep seating, modular units which are popular and will adapt to fit your space. There are multiple types of outdoor fireplaces, they range from real to faux stone, large and small, with mantels and storage for wood and artwork. Add some additional warmth with Outdoor Drapes, either romantic sheers or colorful swags.

The possibilities are endless, all you need is desire, imagination and an outdoor space. Help your clients and customers create a luxury resort in their very own backyard, encourage them to stay at home and vacation, staycation, have the resources and products available to assist in the development of a personal retreat.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to help people create an ideal outdoor space, write a comment.

These are my outside views…Marcia Blake

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