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Showplace, Showcase or Showroom?

April 11, 2008

     Showplace, Showcase, or Showrooms all require attention to Detail & Design. Focusing on revolutionizing the performance, creativity and execution of design is the key to successfully grabbing the attention of buyers, whether they be purchasing product to sell or the actual consumer. The latest development in display is creating buzz in our industry. Some manufacturers have begun to appeal to buyers by offering an all inclusive package for the dealers, a merchandise
concept that not only showcases both casual furniture but adds a touch of romance with an
extensive collection of design oriented accessories.

    Utilize these creations to transform an ordinary showplace, showcase or showroom into a Spanish Baroque or a French Renaissance setting to inspire your customers. Customized accessories enrich and define outdoor living spaces. Buyers are seeking an emotional connection to the display, as well as an impassioned connection to the color collections. Creating an environment that reflects the consumer’s indoor rooms is essential for a smooth transition from the inside to the outside. Color will be fresh and tranquil utilizing blue, green with a hint of turquoise, warm and enveloping in the blood orange and brown colors of Tuscany, and contrasting with black and white. Create eye appealing displays using color and accessories while romancing the furniture. Tell a story and you will capture your audience’s attention long enough to close the sale.

    Increasing sales and profits is essential to our growing businesses so step out of the box, create interest, romance your customers and offer them everything that encompasses the ideal outdoor living experience.

        These are my outside views.
        Marcia Blake