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March 30, 2008

    Recently, I was involved in a discussion with a cross section of folks from all over the United States and Canada, regarding the state of mind of many Americans.  The consensus was that people want to stay home because it makes them feel safe, secure and comfortable in these uncertain times. With the war in Iraq, the uncertainty of the outcome in the upcoming presidential election and the unstable economy the population is turning to things that make us feel comfortable, specifically our homes.

        Another comforting aspect to our lives is our move towards environmentally natural products and colors. Warm soothing colors in furniture and accessories create a tranquil feeling. These are the emotions that we as Americans are yearning to feel. This is why you will see more and more advertisements promoting good health and well being like spa visits and feel good activities.

        This is a great time to promote the idea of creating an inviting outdoor living space in your customers backyard so they can stay at home, entertain at home and encourage this comfortable and safe feel good awareness. Try using natural, earthy and spa colors to stimulate these senses.

        If the population wants to stay at home, we can at least help them feel good about their surroundings. Utilize your marketing abilities to touch your customer and show them you care. Let them know that you can help them attain that feeling that they are longing for. Invite them into your stores to work with you as a friend and partner in their quest to create a wonderful setting.

        Use this time to endorse those ecologically aware products in your stores. Educate your staff on the qualities and benefits of your furniture and accessories that encourage a healthy world. 

        These are my Outside Views, what are yours?
        Marcia Blake