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Celebrate Life with Style!

May 15, 2008

Celebrate Life with Style

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect gathering place. Make your dreams a reality by reaching beyond the ordinary towards the extraordinary. Understated elegance blends with impressive to create a welcoming atmosphere. Whether your dreams are hip & modern or dramatic & classic you can live your dream…make it a reality. It just takes a little inspiration, imagination and passion.

Make it your own is as simple as expressing yourself by choosing the color, fashion, and accessories that reflect your style. The first step is your vision, what do you see when you close your eyes and think of your perfect gathering outdoor space? Take time to realize just how you want to make your house a home. What inspires you? Is it something you find in nature? Is it a certain painting, photo, song or special place? Find the elements within your inspiration that you can translate into the look and feel of your home. Do you want to affect your mood in a soothing natural way or do you want to evoke spirit, fun, laughter and festiveness? Once you determine the feeling that you want to embrace you can begin to choose your color.

The color that you select brings your space to life. Mix and match furniture and accessories with lots of textures and tones of color. Build your favorite gathering place from the bottom up, choose a rug that suits the style that you have chosen, and add to the space with the very important finishing touches. Pillows, pillows and more pillows, candles, trays, artwork and statues add the details to your finishing touches. Be playful and bold or calm and cool, add a hint of nostalgia from your personal style. Make this outdoor living space your destination of choice.  Add something very personal to this place to conjure the source of your inspiration instantly. Incorporate the use of outdoor drapes on your open-air room to produce a luxurious yet cozy look and feel.

Always remember to surround your outdoor space with lots of life in the form of trees, plants, vases filled with blooming flowers or branches and twigs to accent a tabletop or table setting. A stylish outdoor throw will complete the look and function well on a cool crisp morning or when the sun sets at the end of the day.
Creating your favorite gathering place and making it warm and inviting enables your creative juices to flow. Share your inspiration with your family and friends in the best way that you know how by inviting them to enjoy your personal outdoor living destination.

These are my outside views…write a comment and tell me yours. Marcia Blake