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Indulging the senses

October 1, 2012

Fresh Outdoors doorstepWarm and inviting autumn décor makes for excellent curb appeal.
Without a doubt, fall is upon us. Despite the continued heat in Southern California, the month of October brings a subtle season change, and I personally cannot wait. Fall brings about such a sense of cozy instincts and nostalgia to those, like me, who absolutely love this season.

It is a time when people start changing the décor within their homes, switching out bright summer colors for more muted shades. Pumpkins, leaves and berries replace the vivid and fresh flowers of spring and summer. Accessories are chosen to represent the coming holidays and people are preparing for the entertaining seasons.

There is prevalence within our homes to keep things fresh with each changing season, both indoors and out. As the seasons change in our homes, so should the appearance, focus and aesthetic of the showroom.

The sentiment of consumers shifts with the coming of cooler weather and the autumn season despite geography. Autumn is a season that triggers memories of long walks in the woods, enjoying the changing colors all bundled in warm clothes, pumpkin patches and the childish joy of jumping in a freshly raked pile of leaves.

Fresh Outdoors gourdsThe rich colors of fall add spice to any space.
Capture some of that intimacy and nostalgia within your showroom by incorporating natural elements and the rich hues of the season throughout your vignettes and table settings. Pumpkins, gourds and berries create an easy and organic table setting. Try using the many different colors and shapes available to bring about visual interest and to suit your individual design needs. Pomegranates and apples are the perfect fall fruits with rich color and a true sense of the season. They are such a delight, even when simply placed in a bowl or plate.

When it comes to colors and rich accents, fall tones are the perfect compliment to the more neutral color palettes of outdoor furniture. Keep a vignette neutral with a monochromatic color scheme. A neutral color palette of various shades of brown will invoke a sense of stability and comfort of the natural world. Or, choose to be more bold with deeply saturated hues of burnt orange, deep cherry wine, amber and even purple or olive green. Pops of color can be incorporated through decorative pillows, throw blankets, accessories and natural elements. Why not light candles to provide not only a warm light, but to bring about an autumn scent that is sure to encourage positive moods and nostalgic tendencies. One could even go so far as to boil cloves and oranges or serve hot apple cider to customers to truly reach them on a deeper level.

Fresh Outdoors fireThe coziness of a fire brings people together, no matter what time of year.
Falling leaves and earlier evenings tend to bring people indoors. But outdoor space shouldn't be laid to rest just because it's a bit cooler outside. In fact, it is the cooler months that tend to drive me to my outdoor space. Make it the focus of the showroom to inspire and creatively illustrate how to continue making the outdoor room functional and inviting all year long.

Within the showroom, create vignettes centered around cozy and warm fire pits. There should be a large focus on making the fire pit the gathering point for the outdoor room. Many fire pits exceed the limits of functionality by providing surrounding counter or table space, while others are portable, providing flexibility for your space and warming needs. Throw blankets are another simple yet stylish way to make the outdoor room efficient in cooler months. It is important to set up an entire scene within the showroom, complete with accessories and comfortable decorative accents such as blankets and pillows to give the full effect.

By providing such sensory experiences, you are able to reach consumers on a more emotional level, bringing a sense of trust and comfort to the buying process. With the extra effort, your showroom will not only inspire in a creative and passionate way, but you are sure to increase loyalty and dependence in your brand.