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Luxury lifestyle in showroom vignettes

September 14, 2012

Patios PlusPatios Plus in Rancho Mirage, Calif. incorporates light color pops with accessories and decorative pillows.
It seems everywhere you go big-name retail stores are putting more of an effort into their visual merchandising in order to draw consumers in and create a lasting impression. Retail stores such as Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and Z-Gallery have been doing this for years, and specialty retailers and showrooms within the outdoor industry are taking notice.

Within today's competitive market, retailers and showrooms alike are incorporating a variety of inspiring ways to stand above the rest and make an impressionable impact on consumers. This means utilizing your creative skills to create visual and appealing vignettes throughout your store. You must ask yourselves if you are doing all that you can to sell the sophisticated lifestyle that goes hand in hand with the fine furniture and other goods you are selling.

It is important to do everything that you can as a specialty retail store to bring the outdoor world alive and sell that lifestyle to your customers. Attracting window shoppers is simply not enough; invite consumers into your stores and showrooms with elaborate and visually inspiring outdoor vignettes.

It's truly not incredibly difficult to set up realistic and inspiring spaces throughout your showroom. Creating beautiful vignettes enhances the fine outdoor furnishings that you are providing to your consumers. In no way am I suggesting to completely cover the fine detailed work that goes into the development of the furniture, but I am suggesting to utilize the furniture in the manner that the consumer will in order to provide a realistic and motivating design aesthetic.

Atlanta Southern SpaAtlanta Southern Spa & Patio creates beautiful vignettes incorporating various decorative elements.
Try incorporating an entire room presentation throughout your store, complete with outdoor rug, decorative pillows, throw blankets, accessories, umbrellas, awnings, floral displays and natural plants. Each decorative element is an opportunity to illustrate to consumers the different ways to incorporate style, color and personal tastes to a rich design aesthetic. It has been proven to be incredibly advantageous to apply these simple techniques when romancing an outdoor living furniture collection.

Today's market is all about selling an incredibly sophisticated and luxurious lifestyle that goes hand in hand with the detailed and functional furniture. By romancing the furniture, other outdoor products and the lifestyle that is represented, you will enhance the connection that your customers have with the fine furnishings and the buying experience. Creatively setting up different lifestyle vignettes allows you as a retailer or showroom to illustrate the possibilities available when you are brave enough to take risks and truly bring the indoors out.