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Outdoor luxe – for the long haul

June 20, 2012

Outdoor luxe1In the past few years, the perspectives of consumers, manufacturers and retailers alike have changed in response to an increasingly unstable market. Money is now being spent differently and on different things. There is a demand for longevity and timelessness within the home, largely including the outdoor room. People are investing both time and money into their home because there is an understanding that they may be there for quite some time.
Many are choosing to staycation instead of vacation and need an outdoor sanctuary to relax and get away from it all. Others are spending more time with family and friends, simply enjoying the constant things in this world, and need a stylish space to wow Outdoor luxe2their guests and indulge in their free time. Some simply want to add increased value to their home. Whatever the inspiration, there is a large increase in the necessity of luxurious and well-designed outdoor spaces. It may continue to be an uncertain and crazy world out there, but on the home front, it's all about luxurious comfort and the building of a strong and fashionable foundation.
The strength of all things relies on a durable and dependable foundation, and outdoor design should be no different. With this thought in mind, high-end cast aluminum and wrought iron furniture is growing largely in popularity. Both materials offer resilience and a solid strength that is unparalleled. Consumers understand the benefits of solid beginnings as a foundation to their outdoor investments.
Outdoor furniture fabricated from sturdy materials is not just about the function. Manufacturers are catching on to the growing trend of luxury and are responding in intricate ways. Because of this, outdoor furniture has begun to hold a more artisan, handcrafted look, with each piece providing a one of a kind style and appearance.
There is a beautiful relationship between manufacturer and consumer; it is one of a shared appreciation for the handcrafted and luxuriously rich styles that create a one of a kind space. Consumers are willing to invest in this high-end product because of the performance. Buyers are at ease knowing that the product will last for years, increase the backyard "curb appeal" value of their homes, create an at home destination for friends and family and - despite the elements it may face in an outdoor environment - they are inspired to invest because of the endless style and comfort.
This concept of durability and the longer lifetime of a product now extend largely in the outdoor textile market as well. Fabric manufacturers have always understood that outdoor fabrics must be resilient to not only the normal wear and tear, but also the natural elements that such products are exposed to on a daily basis. The effectiveness of this protection is constantly growing and being made better for the end user.
With a growing interest in outdoor design, people understand that a design style should extend from the indoors to the outdoors. With the fabric industry the way it is, the lines between how to do this are being further blurred. Consumers are increasingly utilizing the outdoor fabrics for their indoor spaces. It is because of the fashion forward styles and luxuriously comfortable options available that make this possible. Color options are consistently increasing, while patterns and textural weaves provide an endless assortment of comfort and elegance.
Much like the interiors of your homes, the outdoor room requires small finishing touches and accessories in order to make it as welcoming and comfortable as possible. With such trends on the rise, many unique accessories provide durable and weather resistant components. From rugs to lamps, art, entertainment and sound systems and simple touches, numerous possibilities allow the consumer to create an incredibly well designed space that demands attention and use.
This is largely where the lines between indoor and outdoor design are blurred. Outdoor textiles make it possible to incorporate what was once considered to be strictly indoor elements. These elements include throw blankets, pillows and draperies. Such small touches can truly make a difference in the appearance and presentation of a space. The more individualized the space, the more likely it is that it will be used. In order to make a truly comprehensive design that interacts with all elements of the home, it is important to invest in the styling and personality of the outdoor space.