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In Life…In Design…It’s One in the Same

March 26, 2012

Inspiring Colorful AccessoryInspiring Colorful Accessory
Design, in all aspects, can be extremely complex. It's what makes it beautiful, and potentially frustrating. The start can be daunting. Where do you begin? And perhaps more importantly, what is it that you want to create?

We all want to skip the dirty parts and look at the big picture. As if we could see ahead into the future and behold what our creation will entail. But let's start at the beginning, shall we?

 Let's look at the details. The big picture is more often than not far too fluid and ever changing for us to really tell what it will hold. In life. In design. One in the same. It's the details that make up the beautiful. The process. The moments.


My family and I are currently working on updating two of our rooms. It's so easy to get lost in the possibilities. What might be. Truthfully, we have had a hard time determining just what it is we want to create. At this point we are learning to simply take it one step at a time.

Martini Fire 
PitMartini Fire Pit
When embarking on something new, take care in finding a small element to inspire. We don't need the answers of what style or feel we want, not yet. It's all made up of the small details. Remember that. Find that small trinket that inspires. Find that colorful plant that smells divine. The picture that reminds you of your childhood home. The texture that provides subtle complexity and beauty. The light fixture that directs the style of the space. Of course we may have an idea of what style we prefer and that makes for a good base. We all know what we like to some degree.



Focal Point Rug AccessoryFocal Point Rug Accessory
The beauty of design is that it's ever changing. We are constantly updating and sprucing up our rooms. I feel as though the Fifthroom is the ideal place to do this, to keep things interesting. Go with the changing seasons, your changing moods.

Changing small details such as the accessories or the color palette found in the pillows, rug, draperies or throw blankets can help create something entirely new. There are so many beautiful and inspired options out there for the outdoors. As summer slowly comes to an end and fall rolls in, now is the time to take advantage of such incredible design options.


Follow your instincts and you will create some incredible beauty. In life. In design. It's one in the same.