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Transform Your Store Displays

March 30, 2011
 The Kolo Collection

When you plan out how you are going to set up your store each year, it is important to acknowledge that you will be moving the floor displays numerous times throughout the season. Imagine a customer coming into your store on numerous occasions only to see the exact same furniture arrangements in the precise locations.


How often do certain spots in your store attract no attention? These are known as dead spots. After the start of the season, try putting your best products in the dead spot to see if you can pull people over to that space. It is equally important to move items that are in the dead zone to a more prominent position to captivate your customers.

 Paddy O' Furniture

It doesn't matter whether or not you sell the furniture on your showroom floor during the season. You might have a standing rule that only stock in the warehouse is shipped to customers, so the showroom stays stocked all year. It is still imperative that you redesign, restyle, revise, refine and reshape the look and feel of your store to entice people to shop again and again. 


This is the very same principle used in apparel stores. Picture a women's clothing department with the same items on the front racks each time a woman enters the store. I can tell you from experience that her reaction will most likely be to turn around and walk out. Personally, I love stores that change their displays often, especially the clothing and home décor stores that I patronize. If I walk into a store and everything looks the same to me, I will assume that nothing is new and I will leave to find another store that has the most current selection.

Now you may say, "What if the furniture in my store is the same as the last time a customer visited?" My answer to you is that it is crucial that you consider moving things around to re-stylize your showroom to make the furniture selections look refreshed and new. Don't just move the entire vignette change it up. Swap accessories with another collection and move the individual components around to form a fresh appearance and ambience.

Don't just take my word for it try it. You should see a noticeable boost to your sales. 

These are my outside views...Marcia Blake