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Cinde W. Ingram

Tips for Sales Success

October 27, 2010

Robert J. Schuetz, owner of, added more advice for sales success to those recently shared in our September and October issues. In the hope that his words of wisdom will be helpful to others in the industry, take a look at his comments:
I enjoyed the series of interviews with leading manufacturers to discuss strategies for survival during tough economic times. These Outdoor Insights offered great advice. I was particularly interested in their answers to the question, "If you could send a message to retailers to help them strengthen their business, what would it be?"
Every answer was "right on," however I believe there are equally important factors that contribute to sales success during good or tough times. Most are "Marketing 101" common sense, but I feel are too often overlooked:
• Rotate your displays. Change things around. Run a "monthly special" and put it on direct display and in your customers main pathway into your store.
• Look for new and interesting products. Always look for new, creative and even "revolutionary" new products to display.
• "Display" your new product. Just because you have a "new" product, don't just put it anywhere. Too often new products are put in a corner or out of the main pathway. Put them where they can be seen.
• Train your staff. Too often store managers order new merchandise and put it on the floor to sell. However they forget to train their salespeople! Most managers have staff meetings. What a perfect opportunity to train your staff on what options or colors that comes with this new merchandise. If feasible, invite the vendor for a quick demonstration and presentation. Sales representatives always feel better about a product if they can "relate" to it.
• Sell Up - Train your salespeople and cashiers to "sell up." If someone purchases a new three-piece patio furniture set. suggest they look at your new line of outdoor lamps. Or be creative and show them how your new LED lights would look floating in their pool or placed in their landscaping.
• The Browsing Customer - When you see a customer just browsing, ask them if they've seen your latest ??? Remember, many of the items in your store are typically "impulse" purchases. Customers need to be urged and convinced this will make their patio and outdoor area even more fun. Show them the way...
Most of the above is simple common sense but all too often forgotten. I believe it's important for us all to get back to the basics once and a while.
Hope this helps.
Happy Floating,
Robert J. Schuetz
Owner and General Partner