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Relax & Recharge Outside to Restore Energy & Peace

October 5, 2010

Relaxing Porch


It's that time of the year again when the days are shorter and the weather is cooler. The perfect time for sitting around a fire pit or fireplace enjoying the warmth of the flames and the ambiance it creates. This past weekend I was up in Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, Arizona with my husband, brother and sister in law. We stayed in a lovely lodge with private rustic cabins scattered on 10 acres of lush organic gardens and apple orchards. Each cabin has its own unique charm, with rustic comfy furnishings. My favorite was the porches with pretty views that invite bird watching and basking in the beauty of Oak Creek Canyon. This is a place of serenity a true getaway where you go to relax and recharge, taking home restored energy and peace.


Outdoor Soothes the Soul

In between hiking and the gourmet meals provided with some of the fresh vegetables from the garden, we sat on the porch reading and soaking in the beauty of nature surrounding us. Our porch faced an apple tree, an apricot tree, the organic gardens and the majestic red rock hills. I couldn't think of a better way to refresh our psyche than to sit amongst nature and let it envelop us with a sense of well-being. After a 6-mile hike, we rested on chaise lounges situated outside each cabin to gather a few minutes of shuteye and rejuvenate our soul.


Outdoor Porch

Before dinner the guests at the lodge would gather around picnic tables for cocktails to watch the sun go down. After dinner people came together around the fire pit to chat and relive the days events. The weather was pretty usual for early October in Sedona, mornings and evenings in the 60's and daytime highs in the 80's with a few scattered thunder and lightning storms. It really doesn't matter what the temperature is nor the weather, people congregate outdoors. The hiking trails are filled with families, pets and friends, people picnic along a creek or trail, dogs and children splash through the water. Even in cooler months the outdoor environment is fully functional. Coming home relaxed and recharged for our daily activities is vital to our health and happiness. This is why outdoor living is so crucial in our lives. Whether we have a porch, balcony, outdoor room, fire pit, fireplace, pool or spa, there are areas outdoors that are just waiting for you to occupy. A rocking chair, a lounge chair, a bench, a swing, a table, a club chair or a sofa are perfect additions to help you enjoy life outside. 


Cabin Porch 2


Don't let the cooler weather or shorter days dissuade you from spending time outside, instead see where you can add a fire feature, a cozy throw a piece of furniture to encourage and revitalize the good things life has to offer.


These are my outside views... Tell me what you do and how you spend time outdoors to refresh your soul?
Marcia Blake