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Eco-friendly home furnishings

Product information on eco-friendly home furnishings, green design, environmental regulations, recycling techniques and sustainable forest resources.
  • How To Drive Traffic To Your Store

    Your challenge in these difficult economic times is to drive traffic to your store by staying in touch with your customers, communicating with them about new products, trends and colors. Doing these things will help you to build loyalty and increase sales. Anyone remotely involved with contacting customers is aware of the cost, but you can keep up your marketing and build loyalty while maintaining brand identity without a lot of cost. Here is one very simple idea how. Establish a Blog Develop one-on-one relationships with customers. You know that targeted communication brings stronger results than marketing to the masses ... More

  • PRODUCT REVIEWS & NEW TO MARKET ...OW Lee, Outdoor Couture Brezza Sheer Drapes

    How would you like to adorn your patio with sophistication, as well as, create a warm inviting area that will provide privacy, shade and a soft flowing design feature to dramatically complete your elegant outdoor room? New to Market this 2009 season from OW Lee is Outdoor Couture™ Alfresco Drapes in the newest style called Brezza Sheers. Once again, OW Lee is out in front leading the way with this custom designer finishing touch. These drapes say "allure and sophistication" and you won’t find affordable luxury like this anywhere else.  The classic sheer that never goes out of ... More

  • Trends for Fall Entertaining

    Entertaining Outdoors As the weather turns crisp and the leaves begin to change color it is an opportune moment to plan an outdoor party. Celebrate the outdoors by adding small fresh flower bouquets or miniature plants in low vases across a long table to give the impression of a huge arrangement, this is an effortless way to bring the garden to your table. Utilize small terra cotta pots, plant succulents or rosemary plants and place one in front of each place setting. Make use of tall tapered candles to light up the dining table, eating by candlelight creates a calm ... More

  • 9 Recommended Plants that Will Add Fall Color to Your Showroom

    Plants, Trees, Berries & Leaves: Pomegranate, Apple & Persimmon trees share the rich fall color in their fruits. Burnt orange pansies can create a colorful potted arrangement along with black kale for a fall pairing. Pile up late squashes in a delightful arrangement or pumpkins on a wooden bench, to produce a sense of fall. Pumpkins & Squash: As the days grow shorter and the nights colder these fall colors help generate a warm feeling. Utilize the berries and leaves of plants and trees to fashion a setting. There are countless other plants that turn shades of yellow to deep red as we ... More

  • Ideas on How To Transform Your Showroom For Fall

    Autumn Accessories Fashion trends change from season to season and year to year, just as furniture designs change and cycle back & forth through our lives. So too do our lives change from one splendid moment to the next.  Therefore, it makes perfect sense that our accessories should change from season to season and year to year, too. Transform Outdoor Spaces This fall season is an ideal time to transform our outdoor living spaces to accent the transition from warm to cold weather by utilizing some of Autumn’s fruits, vegetables and seasonal grains, such as wheat and corn, in celebration ... More

  • Product Review & New To Market...Sunbrella Rugs

    New to Market for this 2009 season is an Indoor / Outdoor Braided -Texture Area Rug & Accessory Collection from a partnership between Sunbrella & Colonial Mills. These Sunbrella Rugs feature 100% Sunbrella acrylic yarn and contain 50% recycled content derived from reclaimed Sunbrella fabric and fiber waste.   Both companies have worked together to provide customers with the opportunity to customize their very own Sunbrella Rug. The choices are many, starting with twelve carefully selected yarn colors such as Mink, Mushroom, Pumpkin, Garnet, Basil, Feldspar, Papyrus, Alpaca, Wheat Cornflower and Granite. There are six different styles to choose from. You can ... More

  • Secrets for Success

    For the third time, the OW Lee showroom has won the CFR Merchandising Presentation Award given to showrooms under 5000 square feet. It is unlike most showrooms this year because you will find a plethora of colorful vignettes throughout the display area. Mixing and matching, blending and mingling using texture, patterns, stripes and solid fabrics is the key to success. Adding accessories such as rugs, lamps, platters, candles, flowers, plants, vases, trays, throw blankets, dishes, glassware, table runners, drapes, tabletop books, and throw pillows all energize a setting. Central Theme Each setting must have a central theme or a few ... More

  • Casual Market Creates Psychological Influences

    The first day of market is always full of anticipation, excitement and activity. The hallways are buzzing with people, the showrooms are ready, looking fresh and new, filled with hopeful manufacturers and reps. The weather in Chicago matches the mood of the market with blue skies and sunshine replacing the gray clouds and rainfall. Traffic in the showrooms and on the temporary floors is light, it felt more like pre-market than the usual September show. The economic environment has created an atmosphere of cautious optimism. However, there were a few very positive and upbeat stories in which some areas of ... More


                           Luxe 30 designed by Paul Rogers for OW Lee, Co. During the years 1925 until 1939, an elegant, functional and modern style emerged onto the international design scene. This purely decorative fashion, Art Deco, was a blend of many different design styles of the early 20th century.   New to market this 2009 season is a modern collection in deep seating by OW Lee Company, an American manufacturer, ( This introduction, Luxe 30, incorporates the streamlined contour and essence of the graceful Art Deco era. Designed by Paul Rogers, a fourth generation of the OW Lee family who ... More

  • What Is The Most Common Color for Outdoor Living?

    How Color Trends Can Help You Pick Color For Your Showroom Calcutta II Collection by Brown Jordan The most prominent color in the casual living marketplace today and in recent history is found in the neutral family. These colors are classic, balanced, natural, dependable, organic, neutral, and approachable yet comfortable. They consist of Brown, Tan, Taupe, Ivory, Cream, White, Black, Gray, and Silver.  Lloyd Flander’s Princeton Collection Some of these colors are warm neutrals that create a feeling of security, hopefulness, reliability, and a welcoming reassurance of comfort. Other neutrals are considered cool, lending an air of simple purity ... More

  • How You Can Use 2009 Color Trends to Accent Your Showroom?

    Green Color Trends for 2009 As I continue to review the color trends for 2009, today I will focus on the color Green.The up-to-date green in our color palettes will shift toward a botanical green to demonstrate our interest with the environment.                                                                                                      Adirondack Chairs Green is essential, placid, wholesome and refreshing. It is found in abundance in our environment and is strongly influenced by our responsibility to recycle, reuse, reinvent and revitalize. Once again it is easy to incorporate the color green into your showroom or outdoor living space by either simply adding some green accessories, such as a ... More

  • How Color Trends Can Help You Pick Colors For Your Showroom?

    Color Trends for 2009     The shift of color this fall season is completely characterized as a change based in nature and landscapes in both rural and urban settings. You will see the color palettes moving towards down-to-earth and sustainable values of the current colors. Each day I will present a different color in the 2009 palette to help you choose colors for the fall season. Today I will focus on the color Orange. Orange is transitioning to organic yet strong hues, taking its cue from international and earthy locations. Orange is full of high-spirited fun, is dazzling yet chic, dynamic ... More

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Total retail sales for chat groups reached an estimated $1.09 billion in 2015, according to the 2015 Casual Living Universe Study. That’s a 6.4% increase over 2014’s sales of $1.02 billion. Read the full report.