Karen Robertson: Lifestyle and Inspiration Brings the Ocean View Home
  • Pergola is draped with Karen Robertson’s Tesoro Stripe fabric to filter the sunlight above an eight-piece set of Lloyd Flanders’ furniture, upholstered in her marine-life inspired luxury indoor/outdoor fabrics.
  • Loveseat shows three Tesoro del Mare patterns in Sea Lavender, one of her current favorite colors of the season.
  • Filled with her designs, the loggia at Robertson’s home features 30-foot ceilings, a fireplace and an inspiring lakeside view.
  • Handcrafted seashell and succulent accents inspire her fabric designs.
  • John Gambardella and Karen Robertson relax at home.
  • Private dock offers a quiet spot for the couple or a place to entertain guests.
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  • Louise Green Millinery Co. Inc.
  • Shiraleah
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  • Arsenal Stadium
  • Simon Pearce
Karen Robertson likes to summarize her lifestyle in one word: "relaxed."
Posted: July 8, 2013