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February Digital Edition

February Digital Edition

Don’t miss the February digital edition of Casual Living Magazine. We kick off our Elements series with the hottest (literally!) of them all: Fire. From innovative new fire tables you can actually cook on to accessories that spark ambiance in a flash, we highlight all the ways this element is heating up the casual industry.

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February Digital Edition
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  • Exclusive Interview with New Pride Family Brands CEO

     Casual Living Editor in Chief Waynette Goodson talks to new Pride Family Brands CEO Derek Ritzel about his role and the company's evolution.

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  • Image of Jennifer Bringle

    Outdoor Focus

    Jennifer Bringle

    February 22, 2017

    Selling to Digital Natives

    In today’s world, there are two types of people: digital natives and digital immigrants. This status has zero to do with where one lives physically, but rather, how they live online. A digital native is a person born after the integration of computer technology into our society (young Millennials, we’re looking at you). They’re 30 and younger, and they either don’t or barely remember a time when computers weren’t an integral part of life. Digital immigrants are the rest of us—the folks who’ve learned to adopt and adapt to these technologies as they ...

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  • Bruce Bjorkman

    The Barbecue Lifestyle

    Bruce Bjorkman

    February 13, 2017

    Seeing is Believing

    One of the truisms of business that I’ve held for decades is this: If you’re not visible . . . you’re invisible! Many retailers don’t have enough fingers and toes to keep track of the number of times a customer has remarked, “I never knew you were there.” Let’s face it: Consumers get in a traffic pattern rut. If you’re not situated along their normal route to and from work or near their home, you’re most likely invisible to them. Years ago in this column, I shared the anecdote about the time I was a guest ...

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  • Waynette Goodson

    Inside Out

    Waynette Goodson

    February 13, 2017

    It’s Elemental

    Creating furniture for the outdoors or designing the quintessential “5th room” reminds me of what it’s like to take a yoga class outside—a real challenge compared to practicing indoors. I’ll tell you a secret: I have both taught and practiced yoga for over a decade now. It helps to keep me calm and centered in this crazy, casual world. (And after you read Gary James’ 2017 regulatory compliance report on p. 34 of our February issue, you may decide to start your own practice immediately.) Why is outdoor yoga so challenging? First, there’s no ceiling, so ...

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